Mega Man Merchandise Monday - February 19th, 2018

What a weekend it's been for Mega Man merchandise! In Japan, there's the World Hobby Fair, and at the same time across the globe, New York City played host to the 2018 Toy Fair. And there's a nice bit of blue goodness to come from both!

First up, we're looking at Toy Fair.


After receiving the license to produce Mega Man toys last year, Jakks Pacific looks like they're going to treat the franchise very similarly to how they've approached their World of Nintendo line of figures and other merchandise. This included a 12-inch Mega Man figure with lights and sounds (at left) and 8-bit plush and figures (at right), the latter of which have a slight 3D effect to their molding. Conspicuous by its absence, of course, is anything from the upcoming cartoon show.

The above images come from Toy Hype USA, which you can visit for more images of this and Jakks' other lines, including World of Nintendo and The Incredibles II.

Sliding on over to the Bluefin booth, we've got a couple of big surprises waiting for us:

In addition to the 66 Action figures we've seen from Japan (the assortment shown includes Cut Man, Super Mega Man, Classic Mega Man, Mega Man X, MegaMan.EXE, MegaMan Volnutt, and Star Force MegaMan) with a suggested retail price of $8, two Robot Ride Armors (Mega Man X3's Chimera and Vile's custom from Mega Man X, seen above) were on display with a proposed price of $50 each.

The above image comes from The Toyark, and you can see more here.

Our final stop at Toy Fair is at the Super7 booth. There's still no sign of the long-ago promised Kenner-styled ReAction figure, but they did have these:

The above once again comes from The Toyark, and while there's not much else to see in terms of Mega Man there, Super7 is doing stuff with Street Fighter, Ghosts 'n Goblins, and more, and you can check that out by clicking right here.

And now we prepare to make the long voyage to Japan, where -- wait, we're there already? That was fast.

Ucchy-san (via Vhyper1985) of Rockman Unity is our inside man for the World Hobby Fair, and his Twitter feed is a showcase for the many Blue Bomber sights and sounds of the show. You can go there to see everything, but here are the main highlights:

First up is the 4-Inch Nel figure of Star Force MegaMan, sporting a Meteor color scheme.

But he's not alone in Sentinel's booth:

MegaMan Volnutt will soon have some female companionship in the form of a 4-Inch Nel of Roll Caskett, who appears to have a fair amount of articulation.

Elsewhere, the Good Smile Company is bringing X's classic "unarmored" (so to speak) form to the Nendoroid line. No pics of the figure yet, but at least there's this glimpse.

Back in 4-Inch Nel town, there is this upcoming collaboration for the 30th anniversary:

This version of Mega Man is able to armor up into a variation of what the translation calls the "Super Robot [God Sentinel]." Even with Bluefin bringing some of these figures over to the west, though, it's hard to tell if this one will make the trip.

Finally, though I think these were separate from the World Hobby Fair, here's something that probably won't be imported by many any time soon:


For the 30th anniversary, how about a Rockman bicycle, along with different jerseys for Team Rockman, Team Blues, and Team Forte?

You can learn more about the bike here, while the jerseys are available through this Yahoo! store.

And that's pretty much it -- at least, for things I can find/have been tipped off about! If I missed something (or something new comes up), feel free to drop me a line!