New Valentine's Cards You'll Love (Or Love to Hate!)

I have to say: Valentine's Day is one of those holidays I just don't think much about. If my wife and I celebrate it, we might go somewhere a few days -- or weeks -- after, to avoid the crowds. As such, the holiday tends to fly under my radar, and doing anything for it doesn't cross my mind until it's too late.

Fortunately for me, Santiago's got my back this year!

Previously, we've celebrated by recycling cards from years past, but now we've got some fresh material to work with! There's just one little twist... (click to enlarge)

OOF! The pizza may be cold, but that burn is RED HOT.

I have to say, I was not expecting to receive these, but I absolutely love them (except the one about oranges -- what's that all about?).

If you're interested in the whole lot, you can download them as a zip through Imgur here. And if you're looking for the classic Mega Man selection, you can find them here (while the "rejects" are at the bottom here).

Thanks again to Santiago for sending these to me, and may you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!