Act Fast! UDON Collectibles' Pop-Up Shop Won't Be Here For Long!

Looking for the perfect gift for the Mega Man fan in your life, or just eager to expand your altar to the Blue Bomber just a bit more? Either way, UDON Collectibles has the perfect opportunity for you this holiday season, but only for a short time!

The UDON Collectibles Pop-Up Shop is only open until midnight PST on December 10th, and there are four, count ‘em, four pieces of formerly convention-exclusive Mega merch that you can get your hands on.

First up, we’ve got this silk-screened, silver-foil Mega Man X-Ray t-shirt. Show you know the Blue Bomber inside and out by sporting his schematics with this authentic (the design is taken from the Mega Man Official Complete Works) apparel. Quantities are limited, and sizes range from Small all the way up to 3XL.

Mega Man’s 30th anniversary was a hell of a ride, wasn’t it? (And better than the 25th by far!) The celebration is nearly over, but you can remember it forever by purchasing this 2-inch jumbo-sized pin, which is made from the latest space-age polymers (“cloisonné enamel” is space-age, right? Is it even a polymer?) that give it a feel like the most prestigious of jewelery.

If you’d like something with a little more character, this pin will do you one better by offering Mega Man and his faithful robodog sidekick, Rush! Also rendered in cloisonné enamel, this jumbo 2-inch pin captures all the detail of these robotic heroes running into action.

And hey, if you decide not to wear it, the backing card makes it resemble a certain Robot Master Field Guide first published a few years back.

Remember when I said there were four pieces? Well, technically, there’s more than that. The fourth and final item is a random blind-bag offering in which you will get one of six different Mega Man Collectors Pins, featuring a variety of Mega Man colors (I’m digging the orange one, personally), Proto Man, and a diagnostic x-ray that officially depicts Mega Man, but could just as easily be Proto Man, too, if that better suits your purposes. Can you get all six?

And if you head on over to UDON Collectibles, you’ll find there’s more than just Mega Man on offer. Monster Hunter, Persona, Okami, Shantae, even Neon Genesis Evangelion! So go on, and have a look for yourself.