New Dragon Marked For Death Trailer Explains Quite a Bit, Actually

Inti Creates has just released a new trailer for Dragon Marked For Death for the Nintendo Switch, and clocking in at over five and a half minutes, it’s a whopper alright.

Throughout, it explains the plot in a little more detail, as well as what each of the four classes brings to the table:

The game arrives on January 31st, 2019, but those who pre-order it will receive the exclusive “Striker” gear, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to be a direct reference to Inti Creates’ other big Mega Man-esque series, Azure Striker Gunvolt.

So, which class looks good to you? I’m thinking that Empress and Warrior are looking pretty good, and fortunately, they come in the same pack. But maybe the Shinobi or Witch look more appealing to your style? Share which ones have piqued your interest in the comments below!