The Fully Charged Podcast Thinks This Man Man is A Cut Above

At long last, here we are: All caught up (again) with the run of Mega Man: Fully Charged episodes on The Fully Charged Podcast. Hopefully, now that we know what you want, we’ll be able to keep pace with the new episodes as they come.

First up, we have Episode 24, “A Cut Above,” whose introduction is pretty clear. In addition, we talk about the new Rewind feature that’s been added to Mega Man Legacy Collection for non-Nintendo platforms:

Next up, Episode 25 is about “A Bot and His Dog,” which contrasts the last episode by not really being about what the title would have you think. Go figure. In addition, we also chat a bit about those snazzy new Irregular Hunter jackets that are coming out next year:

And finally, there is the crown jewel of this lot, Episode 26: “This Man, This Man Man!” I won’t spoil what goes on, except to say it seems someone took “bad box art” quite literally. Plus, we talk about the upcoming release of the Mega Man-esque Gunman Clive games on the Nintendo Switch:

And that’s it for now! Well, that’s it for Mega Man: Fully Charged episode discussion, but certainly not it for The Fully Charged Podcast. What will we talk about next? Stay tuned and you’ll see! It’s something special, and we hope you’ll love it!

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