Mega Man Legacy Collection Celebrates 1 Million Units Sold with Addition of Rewind Feature

Since first being released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo 3DS way back in August 2015 (well, a few months later for the latter version), Mega Man Legacy Collection has gone on to sell one million units, TweakTown reports.

This is a relatively rare feat for the franchise, seeing as how there are so many releases spanning its seven series (and Rockman Xover). According to Capcom’s numbers, the only others to accomplish this are Mega Man 3 (1.08 million), Mega Man X (1.16 million), Mega Man Battle Network 4 (1.35 million), and Mega Man 2 (1.51 million). The last one to crack that number was, of course, Mega Man Battle Network 4, which was released 15 years ago.

Hm, do you think that sales of Mega Man Legacy Collection also count as sales of Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3? Probably not. But should they?

But yo, dawg, you wanna go back to the past while going back to the past? Then this next bit’s for you:

Coinciding with this landmark (via Destructoid), Capcom has decided to bring all versions up to par with the most recent version released for the Nintendo Switch. Setting that one apart was the inclusion of the same Rewind feature found in their release of The Disney Afternoon Collection, which, like Mega Man Legacy Collection, was also handled by Digital Eclipse.

However, since the games of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 were for different platforms and were compiled by Capcom themselves, those do not share this helpful little feature.