Mega Man: Fully Charged Named One of Collider's "Best New Animated Kids Series of 2018"

Some positive news for the Mega Man brand has come up today. Via the Twitter account for DHX Media, the animators for Mega Man: Fully Charged:

Just in case the tweet isn’t showing up for you: “Mega Man: Fully Charged has been named one of the best new animated shows in 2018 by @Collider Congrats to the entire Mega Man team!”

And indeed, if you go over to Collider’s website, you’ll find Mega Man: Fully Charged on the list alongside the likes of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Marvel Rising, Star Wars Resistance, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and a number of others that I have no idea about. Of the Blue Bomber, they have this to say:

Man of Action, the incredibly successful and talented team behind the likes of Ben 10, Generator Rex, and Big Hero 6, delivers their take on the Capcom classic video game character Mega Man in the Cartoon Network series Mega Man: Fully Charged. This 3D animated series centers on Aki Light, a young boy with the ability to transform into the powerful Mega Man in order to save the citizens of Silicon City from the evil intent of Sgt Night and his Robot Masters. It’s definitely a younger-skewing version of the title hero, so folks who may have been expecting a grittier take might be disappointed, but for kiddos, this is a great introduction to the character. The show even works in old school 16-bit sprites and animation as transition scenes or introductions for heroes and villains arriving on scene. Go into this one expecting to have some robot-action fun and you won’t be disappointed.

Indeed, it is aimed at a younger group than what most Mega Man fans are used to. However, as Protodude and I have noted on The Fully Charged Podcast, there have recently been some episodes that resonate just so well with us as Mega Man fans regardless.

Hm, maybe when the first season eventually wraps up, we’ll put together a “must-see” list of episodes for those who want only the finest cuts of their Mega steak.

Thanks to @guerreroums for the tip!