Mega Man: Fully Charged Toys Up for Pre-Order at BigBadToyStore

We’ve known for a while now that Jakks Pacific would be making a line of toys to coincide with the new Mega Man: Fully Charged cartoon, but while the company has been content to show off their other offerings for Mega Man Classic, we’ve been left without any clue what the new line will look at as we continue to wonder what’s in store. That is, until now.

BigBadToyStore has posted several new pre-order listings for a variety of products that are due to hit store shelves in the first quarter of 2019. Let’s have a look:

First up is the standard Blue Bomber figure, who stands at five inches tall and features a shot that can be fired from his Mega Buster. BigBadToyStore’s prices tend to vary across products and listings, but they’re asking for $11.99 on this one (note: all prices listed here are in USD).

If Mega Man alone isn’t enough, there’s also a 4-pack featuring the Mega Man figure shown above, as well as Ice Man, Air Man, and Wave Man. Each figure stands around five to six inches tall, and the Robot Masters contain additional accessories, such as projectiles and Buster parts to transform Mega Man. BBTS is only selling these guys as a set, though, and that will cost you $54.99.

You should know the Drill by now. A variant of Mega Man sporting Drill Man’s schematics can be yours for $14.99, or if you’d like to get him and Drill Man together, that will be $29.99. Drill Man is seven inches to Mega Man’s five, and comes with a drill version of the Mega Buster and an extra drill, while Mega Man with Drill Man’s schematics features a spinning drill arm and a break-apart rock.

What appears at first to be an ordinary Mega Buster proves to be so much more, as it opens up into a command center scaled for the basic figures of the toy line. It stands 9.25 inches tall, and will run you $42.99 on BBTS.

However, if playing in a Mega Buster isn’t so much your thing as playing with a Mega Buster, Jakks has you covered there as well. This bad boy of bot busting is 11.5 inches and requires three triple-A batteries (included) to activate the lights and sound. BBTS will let you Meganize yourself for $27.99.

It’s too bad this came out too late for us to talk about in the latest batch of The Fully Charged Podcast, but something tells me Protodude and I will be talking more about them soon enough.