Capcom Samples Rockman 11 Soundtrack

Just ahead of the release of the Rockman 11 soundtrack, which goes on sale in Japan on November 14th, Capcom has posted some samples from the 2-disc album on their YouTube Channel.

First up is a song performed by Rockman’s voice actor in the game, Ayaka Fukuhara, called (if I’m reading this Google translation properly) “RM11”:

Then there’s a jukebox video of sorts, much like the ones we saw for the Rockman X Anniversary Collection some months ago, briefly spotlighting a number of tracks from within the game:

Of particular note here is that the soundtrack does include arranged versions of stage themes, as well as the original versions of the tunes.

The price for the album is 3,456 yen, or approximately $30.38 USD. Those able can order it from e-Capcom and Amazon Japan, though if you’re into vinyl, Rockman Corner notes that’s an option, too (with e-Capcom’s vinyl coming with a free tote bag, to boot!).

(Updated to correct the title of Fukuhara’s song and that the arranged themes are not those from the pre-order bonus.)