Red Bull Gives Rockman Wings

Well, this is certainly one of the most bizarre promotions to come along that Rockman has ever been involved in.

Celebrating the Blue Bomber’s 30th anniversary, Red Bull has presented a scenario in which Rockman is competing with the icy-cool moves of Tundra Man as they participate in the ATSX Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship. But where an E Tank just isn’t enough, Rock turns to the boost that only Red Bull can give him to overcome his competition.

What this basically boils down to is an in-browser mini-game you can partake in as you race against Tundra Man. Click the screen to jump, and drag across it to speed up. Personally speaking, I found it a bit unresponsive when I tried to do it, but maybe you’ll have better luck.

And if you do, then good news! You might qualify to win some of the prizes that are on offer! Well, if you live in Japan, that is. If not, you can still enjoy the game anyway!

Thanks to Zaff for the tip!