Mega Man Action Figures Coming Soon From Funko

Recently, Funko has begun to diversify their product line beyond the normal Funko Pop! figures that the company is so well known for (for better or for worse). One example of these would be the Disney Afternoon line of figures, which faithfully reproduce the late 80’s and early 90’s cartoon characters in action figure form.

Now it appears that you can add Mega Man to that lineup, as the company has just announced it will be releasing five figures later this year:

While there are five different figures to collect, as you can see, four of them are different versions of Mega Man in his normal, Leaf Shield, Thunder Beam, and Atomic Fire colors (the latter a chase variant with a 1/6 rarity). Each Mega Man comes with an extra hand for his right arm, and an extra forearm for his left, to be swapped out with the Mega Buster.

Oh, and there’s a Dr. Wily figure, too.

From Funko’s blog:

Battle the nefarious Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters with four colorful Mega Man action figures. 
Choose between Mega Man in his traditional blue armor, Thunder Beam Mega Man, and Leaf Shield Mega Man which boasts an Atomic Fire Chase variant with a 1/6 rarity. You can also pick up Mega Man’s nemesis, Dr. Wily, to reenact their iconic confrontations. Embodying courage, a passion for justice, and restraint when dealing with his enemies, Mega Man is a credit to his creators, Dr. Light and Capcom. The Blue Bomber can serve as a selfless role model to your other figures.

No price is given (somewhere in the $10 to $15 USD range seems common for other releases) but the figures are slated to be due in stores sometime in December.

Thanks to The Illustrious Q for the tip!