Dragon Marked for Death Marked for New Release Date and More

Originally slated for a December 13th release date, Inti Creates’ upcoming action role playing game for the Nintendo Switch, Dragon Marked for Death, has been given a new release date and more at the company’s Anime NYC panel.

Along with a new trailer featuring a distinct art style, Inti Creates announced that the game has been pushed back to January 31st, 2019 for its North American and European debut. The reason for this delay is another bit of news: They have officially confirmed a physical release of the game through publisher Nighthawk Interactive, and they wanted the digital and physical release dates to be as close as possible.

The game will be available digitally with two versions to choose from, for $14.99 USD each: The Frontline Fighters pack will include the Empress and Fighter characters, who are said to be beginner-friendly and “contain DPS and tank type characters that are archetypes to any action game.” The Advanced Attackers pack, meanwhile, contains the Shinobi and Witch characters, who are “more technical characters with higher skill ceilings that are geared towards more advanced players.”

Players can choose whichever pack they wish first, and get the other pack as downloadable content. That is, unless you opt in for the physical version, which contains all four characters (and will probably be priced to match).