The Fully Charged Podcast Takes on Mega Man 11

If you’ve been following The Fully Charged Podcast for the short time we’ve been doing this, you know that we like to “keep it tight,” as they say — short, compact episodes that can be listened to alongside your other favorite podcasts, or in larger batches as they come.

But for this very special episode, we’re breaking all the rules.

Not only are we not talking about the show’s namesake this time out, but we’ve brought on two guest stars to help us talk about all the finer points (or as many as we can) of the first new Mega Man release in eight years — for nearly two hours.

In addition to Protodude and myself, we’ve got Ash Paulsen of GameXplain and ShadowRockZX on board, and we hold nothing back (that includes spoilers!) as we go over just about every aspect of the game we can think of something to say about.

So I hope you’ll join us as we celebrate an occasion some thought would never come, the release of Mega Man 11!

For those of you concerned, don’t worry — we’ll be back to our regular format soon!

And if listening through the embed above isn’t a good fit for you, you can also check us out on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Google Play!