Mega Man: Fully Charged Poised to Return, But Where and When?

Following the recent report of Mega Man: Fully Charged being removed from Cartoon Network’s schedule (and seemingly Boomerang’s, as well), there has been some question of what is going on with the show.

According to tips from Ability King KK and Amy Rose on Twitter (via Mega Man Knowledge Base, with thanks to you both), a new batch of episodes are slated to start airing on November 11th. Here are the descriptions:

Episode 21, November 11: Rush to Greatness - Rush puts his new battle upgrades to the test in a battle with Wave Man.

Episode 22, November 11: Enter Namagem - Namagem attacks Mega Man using a variety of powers, revealing that they both can replicate schematics, although Namagem can carry more than three at a time.

Episode 23, November 18: Minus Mini - When Mega Mini is kidnapped by Blasto Woman, Mega Man must track down his missing partner without the full use of his own systems.

Episode 24, November 18: A Cut Above - Aki and Bert accidentally damage a bonsai tree outside the Lighthouse, sending the Lights' perfectionist gardener on a slicing-and-dicing spree as Cut Man.

Episode 25, November 25: A Bot and his Dog - Tired of fielding low-stakes house calls, Mega Man gets what he wishes for when Hypno Woman hijacks the local power plant.

Episode 27, November 25: This Man, This Man Man - When Guts Man goes on a ravenous rampage across the city, Mega Man must turn to an unlikely ally: Man Man, a bumbling, DIY human analogue to Mega Man.

So that’s the majority of November covered, but there doesn’t seem to be a confirmation of what time slot these episodes will air in, or even which of Cartoon Network’s two channels. So fans of the show can rest a little easier, and I’ll keep you posted with more info as I get it.