Learn Mega Man Lore by Traveling the Time Stream with Twitch

As the Mega Man franchise prepares to finally move forward with the upcoming release of Mega Man 11, it -- and the re-releases of past games leading up to this point -- have given us opportunity to reflect upon the past 30 years of Blue Bomber goodness.

And let's face it, there's a lot to take in, making the prospect of diving in daunting for newcomers.

Enter Twitch, the robotic host of Gileum's new YouTube series "Time Skimmer," which attempts to take a look back at the in-universe history of Mega Man "from Dr. Light's lab to Elysium" using only the facts as established by Capcom -- no fanon allowed.

The first episode covers the tale of Mega Man versus Dr. Wily up to the start of the seventh game of the Classic series, hitting the highlights and how each game connects to the next in the series, rather than going further in depth (hence the glossing over of Mega Man 4 through Mega Man 6). "In short," says Gileum in the video's comments, "the only things that will be covered in Time Skimmer are details that have relevance in later [g]ames."

As such, this series looks to be a good starting point for newcomers to the franchise, going over the basics while still leaving room for them to dig into more depth should they choose to do so, allowing for a more leisurely pace of discovery.

If you're interested in following further episodes of "Time Skimmer," be sure to subscribe to the Reploid REVO YouTube Channel.