TruForce Collectibles Parts Ways with Mega Man


A few years ago, TruForce Collectibles appeared as if out of nowhere to deliver fans a high-quality Mega Man X figure the likes of which they'd never seen before (plus a couple of recolors for good measure).

Ever since making good on that promise, fans have wondered what is next for the company. Zero? That Ride Chaser featured in the print given to certain tiers of Kickstarter backer? Something else entirely?

Well, it turns out "something else entirely" is right on the money -- and not in terms of "another branch of Mega Man," either. As posted today on their Facebook page, TruForce Collectibles and Mega Man are parting ways, though reportedly with no small effort on their part to keep things going:

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year! We just wanted to provide you all a much deserved update about the state of TruForce Collectibles. We know you all are clamoring for more figures from the Mega Man line but unfortunately there are no plans to produce any new figures. Despite the first figure's tremendous success (thanks to all of you!), we were not able to able to work things out with the licensor in terms of designing any new figures. We tried tirelessly but were unable to come to terms on a style that followed the first figure and thus the decision was made to drop the line. 
To this day, we still get tons of messages inquiring about the future of the line and so we wanted to let you all officially know the latest news.

Though their work with Mega Man is finished, that doesn't mean we've heard the last of TruForce Collectibles, however:

That's not to say the TruForce Collectibles brand is 100% dead as there are still other projects we'd like to pursue in the future and as soon as we have any new concrete plans, you all will be the first to know. Thank you all again for your unbelievable support and helping us create something truly special for the collecting community!

It's unfortunate that TruForce's efforts are over after producing just one figure, especially after we saw Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite introduce a Zero equivalent to the Ver.Ke style of X that was the basis for their work. Still, in the time that they worked with Capcom, at least they were not only able to produce a great high-grade figure for fans, but even added a little bit to the lore with their X-Boost and X-Kai recolors, too.

While Keisuke Mizuno's designs may yet still live on in further Capcom productions, we'll have to wait and see what the future holds for TruForce Collectibles. Though they may not include Mega Man, hopefully whatever they do wind up producing will continue to similarly impress.

Thanks to Vhyper1985 and Max for the tips!