Guilty, or Innocent? Cygnus Destroyer Takes Mega Man X7 to Trial

Cygnus Destroyer is a firm believer in justice, which is why he is willing to give games that may have been unfairly maligned their day in court with a show he likes to call "INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty!"

The unlucky shlub of a title taken to trial in this episode is none other than arguably the most reviled entry in the Mega Man X series (perhaps rivaled only by its immediate predecessor), Mega Man X7:

Of course, some are going to agree with the verdict, and others will disagree.

If you're interested in Cygnus's feelings on a far less-divisive entry in the series, then you can also check out his list of the "Top 10 Super Nintendo Games that Made my Childhood SNES-tacular!"

And of course, if you've yet to form a complete opinion on either title (more likely Mega Man X7, as it's only had the one release), Capcom's giving us another chance to check out all eight of the numbered Mega Man X games when they're re-released across all major platforms later this year.

Which brings up an ongoing point of debate: Capcom's not actually committed to saying that the games will be released as a single collection, meaning that each one could potentially have to sell on its own. For most titles in the series, that shouldn't be a problem, but with X7's sour reputation and nothing to buoy it... well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.