POPbuddies Reveals New Mega Man Products

An email from POPbuddies has revealed that the company will be releasing some new Mega Man merchandise, which we should be seeing more of in the coming months.

At the moment, there are two items currently available to be seen and -- if you're in the European Union -- purchased. More are planned to be revealed at Toy Fair 2018 in Nuremberg this March.

The first of the two types of items is a "designer" collectors plush of the original Blue Bomber:

We are glad to present this wonderful plush version of Mega Man. The cutest ever! The use of metallic fabric to capture the essence of character and just feels and looks great quality. A Mega Man fans dream.

The plush measures at 24 centimeters, and goes for 21.99€ (approximately $26.96 USD).

Then there is the reflector:

We are glad to present this wonderful reflector of Mega Man. This design is part of POPbuddies 'Small Matters' design series and we hope to see many more cute characters produced. You can attach it to your bag or coat and it will reflect vehicle lights to warn them of your presence in the dark. Reflectors are known as life savers and having a great character as Mega Man is a wonderful option. This is considered to be a large reflector that measure 7cm approx. It has print on both sides. This is also made from the official 3M reflector soft plastic material.
Comes with chain for attaching.

The reflector costs 5.50€ (approximately $6.74 USD).

POPbuddies has hope that the plushes will do well enough for them to produce a second wave.

The above items have been released to one store in Finland to be sold exclusively in the European Union, so if that sounds like a good fit for you, you can find them here.