Battle Geek Plus's Awesome Video Game Memories of Mega Man Zero 2

Last week, Ryan of Channel Awesome's Battle Geek Plus talked about his awesome memories of the original Mega Man Zero video game, and one week later, he's on to the one-year later sequel, Mega Man Zero 2.

With a proper stage select, a stock of lives, and unlimited continues in tow, will the journey be any easier for him as he ventures deep into the heart of Neo Arcadia to save the Reploid resistance, if not the world at large?

Honestly, I need to go back and try to finish it again someday. Yep, that's right -- I've seen the game through, thanks to the magic of the internet, but haven't beaten it myself. Or maybe I used a cheat code, I forget. But why?

Well, Ryan mentions the game gets easier by the end, because you should have your Cyber-Elves all powered up by then. And that's just it -- grinding aside, I could never bring myself to actually use them. The whole "sacrificing" them just to beef up my stats never set well with me, and in my mind, if it wasn't something X or Zero would do, then maybe I shouldn't do it, either.

Not that you have to do it to beat the game, but... well, the journey is quite a bit more difficult if you don't.

I did get pretty close to the end on my own, for what it's worth. What stopped me was dealing with the Anchus twins together. I forget the specific circumstances, but I think I killed them as they killed me with their sandwiching press attack, and it didn't give me the victory, so I turned the game off.

What did you think about Mega Man Zero 2? Did you find it as hard as others, or did it click with you just so? What were your favorite parts? Share in the comments below!