The Power Team Looks at 'What Needs to Happen' in Mega Man 11

There's been a lot of buzz since Capcom announced that Mega Man 11 is on the way, and I'm still working through some of it.

The latest, however, comes from the folks over at iretrogamer on Retroware TV, who have put together a new show called "The Power Team" (no relation to the Acclaim cartoon spun off from Video Power) to discuss their excitement over the whole thing, as well as some of what they would like to see done in this brave new Mega world.

So what do you think of their ideas? Are you into the idea of leveling up weapons? Is it finally Glue Man's time to shine? And can anyone really say "no" to a Huey Lewis song remix in one of the stages? Sound off with your own thoughts on this and more in the comments below!