Thinking of Purchasing a Super NES Classic? Check Out These Reviews

Today marks the release of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition, or Super NES Classic for short, and before I head out to the store to stand in line and try my luck (fingers crossed that Nintendo comes through on their promise of more units available in-store today), I thought I'd post a few handy reviews for those who might still be feeling indecisive as to whether or not this is the product for them.

For those interested in a quick overview, Andre of GameXplain has you covered:

Now if you want something that goes a bit more in-depth, Jeremy Parish of Retronauts has the latest entry in his "Super NES Works" series -- episode #722, in fact. Plus, of particular interest to those on this site, he examines certain aspects of the system using none other than Mega Man X as his examples. Check it out:

Finally, if you're here, then odds are Mega Man X is already a no-brainer for you (and you likely own it several times over, besides). But what about the rest of the 21 games loaded on the diminutive console?

To that end, Nadia Oxford of USgamer (full disclosure: my wife) has you covered with a recent review of every single game on the console (with a brief interlude with Parish again, as Super Metroid overlapped with his concurrent series of reviews for every Metroid game). If that isn't enough, she's also kindly given us a look at five reasons why the Super NES Classic is better than its scarce 8-bit predecessor, and also compared it to other small things.

With all that said, feel free to discuss these reviews, as well as your plans, acquisitions, or even just attempts thereof, in the comments below.