Call and Joule Available Now in Mighty Gunvolt Burst

As promised (and in hindsight, I suppose I could have just waited for this), Call and Joule are now available in Mighty Gunvolt Burst for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. To mark the occasion and better explain what's what, here's a brand-new trailer:

Call is able to use two different types of aerial maneuvers (a dash and slowly-descending hover), shield against enemy attacks, and collect Patch robots throughout the levels to boost her offensive capabilities, each attacking enemies in their own way. Gather four at a time for one mighty team! (Plus, she can change between three different costumes on the fly -- stylish!)

Meanwhile, Joule uses music as her weapon, such as the terrain-piercing wave attack of "Multi-Universe," the homing capabilities of "Indigo Destiny," and the bouncing triple scattershot of "Iolite." And for a real treat, activating her Anthem allows her to equip any ability set, regardless of how many CP she has.

Each character can be had as downloadable content for just $1.99 USD/โ‚ฌ1.99, and if you're craving more details, you can check out their profiles on the official Mighty Gunvolt Burst website.