Watch Mega Man Fight Galaxy Man and Sheep Man in 32-Bit Style

When the original Mega Man returned to the forefront of gaming after a 12-year hiatus from new adventures, it did so with style -- 8-bit style, that is, designed to mimic the success the Blue Bomber had experienced during the earliest days of his career. This bold decision brought a lot of attention to the game and the brand as a whole, and would continue as the duo of Capcom and Inti Creates went on to make Mega Man 10 in a similar fashion.

While the decision to move forward by going back drew a lot of attention and seemed to even embolden demand for more retro-styled throwbacks (such as the recently-released Sonic Mania), not everyone who loves Mega Man loved the decision. Some wished for a newer art style, or at least something a little more recent in the series, a la Mega Man 8.

A couple of weeks ago on The Rock Tumblr, I shared a new image from UltimateMaverickX which posed the question "What if Mega Man 9 was in 32-bit?", featuring a Mega Man 8-styled Mega Man squaring off against a revised Galaxy Man. Long story short, people dug it.

As it turns out, that image was only the beginning. UltimateMaverickX has created a full 7-minute video of Mega Man taking on both Galaxy Man and Sheep Man in 32-bit style -- twice. Once in a more traditional manner familiar to those who have played the games, and another with widescreen proportions and a few new tricks thrown in for good measure.

Check it out:

UltimateMaverickX notes in the video's description that this is not a game, but only an animation, and was originally going to be a 32-bit version of Mega Man X7. For more details about how this came to be and other nuances you might not have noticed, check out the full description here (and maybe drop in a Like, Subscribe, and comment as well).