More Mega Manniversary Goodness from On The Stick

While I've been covering other stuff, On The Stick's "Mega Manniversary" celebration has been rolling on. Fortunately for me, they're taking a brief break from that for Halloween, so this seems like a great time to catch up on what they've been laying down.

First up, Roger the Retrogaming Puppet presents a new episode of "Obscure Old Games," wherein he examines Cocoron -- Mega Man creator Akira Kitamura's first game after leaving Capcom during the development of Mega Man 3. Despite not being a Mega Man game, however, it nonetheless has a rather Mega Man-esque sense to it, no doubt thanks to developer Takeru's staff of former Capcom employees.

Check it out:

Next up, with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite having just been released, Joe's "Same Name, Different Game" examines the very first entry in the series, which had some rather distinct versions released between the Dreamcast and PlayStation back in the day:

Finally, the weekly stream of "Genesis or Genesisn't" gives us a Not Safe For Work look at the PAL version of Mega Man: The Wily Wars as Eric gives the remixed trilogy a shot for the very first time:

Of course, Mega Man's 30th anniversary is still a few months out, so when more comes, I'll be sure to bring it to you here.