Tokyo Game Show Premieres New Roll Design, 30th Anniversary Logo, More

Yay, I have internet again! And now I can bring you the latest Mega Man news, straight from the Tokyo Game Show! There's nothing too earth-shattering here, yet at the same time, it feels almost like a groundbreaking for what we might be able to expect on Sunday.

First up, courtesy of Ucchi-san on Twitter, we have our first look at the new 30th anniversary logo for Mega Man -- or Rockman, to be specific:

It's an interesting departure from the more brightly-colored and cartoony logos we've seen for past celebrations, offering a look that seems to carry a little more prestige with its gold accents accompanying the trademark blue our heroes are so well known for.

Oddly enough, however, Ucchi-san describes it on Twitter as a "Mega Man Star force 30th anniversary commemorative logo," according to a translation. Make of that what you will.

Edit: And apparently, according to @GodDamnProtoman, Twitter auto-translate has been changing "Rockman" to "Mega Man Star force" for a while now. That's kinda dumb. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up with that (but let's face it, that was pretty suspect anyway).

Following this, a new design for Roll was unveiled:

This design was revealed as the basis for the appearance of an upcoming Nendoroid figure from the Good Smile Company. Interestingly, as VideoGameArt&Tidbits points out, it bears some stylistic resemblance to this never-before-seen image found in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2's art archives:

And so the speculation begins as to whether or not these designs are indicative of a new Mega Man game on the horizon. Of course, we've been teased with art before, and that simply led to a new figure -- a very awesome figure, but nonetheless, no new game attached to it. With any luck, we'll know one way or the other this Sunday.

Edit: Protodude notes that it's odd for a Nendoroid design to be all-new, especially when the design itself doesn't use the Nendoroid aesthetic, possibly serving as evidence that this is something more. On the other hand, since Nendoroids tend to adapt designs, this may have simply been what Capcom's artist offered up for the Good Smile Company to perform their magic on, much as they did for TruForce Collectibles.

Finally, Capcom Japan's official Rockman page has been updated to include a number of new 30th anniversary items, including a watch, a giant plush, a full-body Mega Man snuggie-type item, and more!

If that wasn't enough, there is also a new 30th anniversary page highlighting the anniversary items and more, including some inactive tabs, including this blank "game" page.

Just two more days, and hopefully -- just maybe -- we'll hear something good.