Mega Man 2.5D Update, Mod, and Contest!

It's been several months since the long-awaited release of Peter Sjöstrand's fan game, "Mega Man 2.5D," but even though the game is now out in its finished form, he hasn't been resting on his laurels.

For starters, he's recently incorporated an update which helps polish things up a bit, as covered by the following animated trailer:

More recently, however, comes the news of a new mod for the game from Ne0maru and Boberatu which allows players to control two original fan characters from the mind of Dr. Mikhail Cossack, Katyusha and Tark:

You'll also note that there is now a speedrunning contest for the game with the mod, with the prize being a copy of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. For more details about the mod and the contest, visit this post on the official "Mega Man 2.5D" Facebook page.

But hurry! The contest is only open until September 25th!