Once They Pop!, Funko Don't Stop with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

In a move that will probably surprise absolutely no one familiar with their product, Funko has announced today that fans of the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite game will be able to adorn their shelves with thematically-appropriate offerings from the company's semi-distinctive style of vinyl figures, the Pop! series.

Funko Pop! figures have been embraced by what feels like every media property imaginable, and in case you weren't already aware, this is not the Mega Man brand's first time at the rodeo. But since Classic has had its turn -- and they're not in the new crossover-crazy fighting game, anyway -- it's X's time to shine!

Arriving in the first wave this Fall, X is joined in a two-pack by Rocket Raccoon, while Sigma comes with his tag-team partner, Ultron. Other character sets include Captain Marvel & Chun Li and Gamora & Strider Hiryu.

What's more, there are also retailer-exclusive variants to seek out, if you're so inclined. Rocket comes with a version of X sporting the colors of X-Kai, and can be found at GameStop. Meanwhile, Sigma appears to be sporting the colors of Vile, and he can be found with an Iron Man-colored Ultron at Toys R Us. For details on the rest, check out the official blog post.

Speaking of X-Kai, it's interesting to note that despite the simpler design for X used in the game, these figures seem to instead base their detailing specifically on TruForce's premium figure. While an interview on Marvel.com does ask about what the design process for the Maverick Hunter and his rival, the TruForce figures themselves are not touched upon, only speaking of reference art from Capcom's teams.

These Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite line of Funko Pop! figures are slated to be available in November. And with any luck, maybe there will be more so Zero can round out the set.

Thanks to Vhyper1985, GuardianZero, and Ability King KK for the tips!