And Then There Was Zero: The Official Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Tutorial

It was just a couple of days ago that the official Marvel vs. Capcom YouTube channel began uploading character tutorials to lead into next week's release of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, beginning with -- among others -- Mega Man X.

Now, a couple of days later, Zero has his own tutorial for you to enjoy and maybe even learn a thing or two from:

With that said, I know that some of you have been asking if I'm planning to review this game here on The Mega Man Network. After all, due to the prominence of X, Zero, and Sigma in the game's more heavily-emphasized story mode, this is the closest thing to a new Mega Man game we've seen in five years (seven, if you don't count Rockman Xover, and more than a decade since the last Mega Man X game). As such, I reached out to Capcom in the hopes of obtaining a review copy to let you know if this one is worth the purchase for Mega Man fans.

Unfortunately, I've just heard back that due to limited availability, they won't be able to provide me with a copy. This leaves me in a slightly sticky situation, as with my current budget, I'm not sure that I'll be able to acquire a copy come launch day on September 19th.

With that, I'm asking here and now how interested you are in a TMMN review of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. I hope to play the game someday regardless, due to the above reasoning (seriously, this appears in my mind's eye first and foremost as "Mega Man X: The Fighting Game, Guest-Starring A Bunch of Other Cool Characters I Happen to Like"), but if there is interest in me taking it on (maybe streaming, too?), I can try to work something out to make it a higher priority here.