This Holiday Season, Get Ready for Frank's Big Package

In December last year, sleigh -- or rather, slay bells were ringing as Frank West returned with a new installment of Capcom's Dead Rising series on the Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam, Dead Rising 4.

Along for the ride as always were a number of fun Easter Eggs for fans of Capcom's various series, Mega Man in particular. Not only could you gear up as either Bass or Zero, but there was an entire exo-suit based on Zero's design and abilities as well!

That said, exclusivity deals were made to end, and this holiday season will see Frank make his merry way to the PlayStation 4 in Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package, which I am sure is in no way meant to be interpreted as any sort of innuendo and is only referring innocently to the Christmas season the game takes place in. Here's the trailer, but be warned that it might be a little Not Safe For Work on account of the whole zombies 'n blood thing:

As you might have noticed, one of the new features is a game mode titled "Capcom Heroes," which has Frank dress up as a number of, well, Capcom heroes and use their moves. Heroes like X and his X-Buster's charge shot:

Frank as X from Mega Man X (Aha! I knew I'd remember eventually!)

If you didn't catch it in the trailer above, he even has the authentic sound from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System installments of the series where X releases his amplified blast.

That's not all, though. From the screens released by Capcom, have some lovestruck Servbot masks:

I wouldn't exactly say that outfit flatters Frank, but I guess there's no accounting for taste.

Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package -- which also features the latest version of the game with all difficulty settings, downloadable, and bonus content -- arrives on the PlayStation 4 for $49.99 USD on December 5th, 2017.

Now if you're like me and were playing this game on Xbox One, Windows 10, or Steam last year, you might be thinking "Well what about me? Where's my happy fun-time Capcom stuff?"

Well, good news! Capcom says that those platforms will receive the "Capcom Heroes" mode as a free update when the game comes out on the PlayStation 4. How's that for holiday cheer?

Oh, and if you've not played Dead Rising 4 for yourself yet, you can find my review (from the view of a Dead Rising first-timer) over here on Mario's Hat.