Has Zero's Popularity Gone to His Head?

No, it's just another Mega Man Nendoroid figure from the Good Smile Company, announced at the 2018 Summer Won Fest. Check out the teaser image:

What's interesting to me is that the branding says "Rockman X2," but the pose is pretty clearly the one Zero uses on the cover of Rockman X4 (which just celebrated its 20th anniversary -- keep an eye out here soon for some stuff people are doing to celebrate).

Zero did have a slightly different character model in Rockman X2, primarily in the design of his Z-Buster, which I don't believe has been rendered in plastic beyond maybe some sort of gashapon from back around the game's release. Nothing modern, I'm pretty sure, which would make this release a little more interesting should they bring that version to life, even in chibi form.

There's nothing else to say about this one at the moment, though, but I'll bring you more info as it becomes available.

Thanks to Anonymous for the tip, by way of Just Push Start!