Mega Man X Challenges Neurohack Mosquito in New 'Corrupted' Footage

JKB Games has updated recently with a new video of their ever in-progress fan game, "Mega Man X: Corrupted."

Once again, we return to the Junkyard stage with X as he takes on a host of new (and some familiar) Mechaniloids on his way to a showdown with the area's now-completed boss, Neruohack Mosquito.

For those wondering, the video's description notes that the dialogue with Neurohack Mosquito is still temporary.

JKB Games also notes that almost all of the development for Neurohack Mosquito was done with the input of viewers during livestreams that they hold "at least" four times per week, "mostly 9-10pm PDT." If you're interested in seeing the Power Plant level reach completion and offering input on the next boss, Scorpio, you can join in on their Twitch channel.