PortsCenter Looks at Mega Man Anniversary Collection

I think about you guys all the time. Want proof?

Even after a long night of writing a way-too-long review of Sonic Mania (which will go up on Mario's Hat later today; it's 8:19am as I write this), I remembered that when I reviewed Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 a couple of weeks ago, there were some of you in the comments inquiring about the previous be-all, end-all collection of games from the Mega Man Classic series, Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

So lo and behold, when I saw that Chainsawsuit Games' "PortsCenter" had covered that very collection, I just knew I had to share it here for you fine lot. (Warning for some mild language)

Towards the end of the video, host Ben Paddon notes that Mega Man Anniversary Collection reviewed well back in the day, but has received more scorn in recent years, which he supposes is due to people revisiting it now and holding it to today's standards.

For what it's worth, I've never been too happy with Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Of course, when it was released, I was firmly in the GameCube camp, and while I might have been able to forgive "imagined slights" such as the absence of my favorite ending in the series, the lack of remixed music (along with all the other bonus content from Rockman Complete Works), or the poor sound quality in Mega Man 8, the controls were where I had to draw the line as unforgivable.

On the other hand, I did want the arcade games, so I did end up getting the PlayStation 2 version used a few years later after getting that console on the cheap (following the PlayStation 3's release). Fingers remain crossed we'll see a third Legacy Collection featuring those, and maybe Mega Man & Bass and a few others while we're at it.