It's Time: Zero and Metal Sonic Square Off in a Death Battle

After seeing some of the tales of the tape (as they tend to save many details for the full episode), ScrewAttack has finally gotten down to brass tacks and given us what we (hypothetically) paid to see: Zero and Metal Sonic squaring off in a Death Battle.

Before you watch, though, I would like to temper your expectations with one pseudo spoiler that disappointed me: If you're expecting this to serve as a sequel to Dr. Wily vs. Dr. Eggman, then know that it isn't. The cataclysmic battle held previously isn't referenced at all. Disappointing, really, as that's what made me want to see this in the first place. Ah, well.

Incidentally, I wasn't paying very close attention as I was watching it, so there might be some Not Safe For Work language in there, so tread carefully:

So, what did you think? Disappointed? Satisfied? Disappointingly satisfied? Share your thoughts in the comments below!