USgamer Uncovers the Design Sensibilities of Shovel Knight

Over at USgamer, Jeremy Parish's series investigating the subtleties and nuances of game design, "Design in Action," recently concluded with its four-part look at the Mega Man-esque premier title from Yacht Club Games, Shovel Knight.

Now, can you dig that?

Parts 1 and 2 explore the intro stage, taking a close look at how the developers are able to weave the various techniques and moves that you'll need to succeed at the game throughout. Everything from the simple act of digging through piles of dirt to the pronounced ability to use the Shovel Blade as a makeshift pogo stick to bounce off enemies' skulls is explored here.

For Part 3, Parish dives into the inspirations and references which can be found throughout the game (including those taken from Mega Man), which are notable and often easy to pick up on while not being in your face, either. Finally, Part 4 wraps things up with some final thoughts on the game in general.

You know, speaking of Shovel Knight being Mega Man-esque, remember when he appeared (via his amiibo) in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2? Now I'm wondering if we could see him appear as future downloadable content in Mighty Gunvolt Burst. Anyone else want to see that?