The Desk of Death Battle Examines Brazil's New Adventures of Mega Man

Somewhere in the course of researching the upcoming Death Battle between Zero and Metal Sonic (or possibly during a previous bout), ScrewAttack's Death Battle intern Jocelyn unfortunately came upon what might be the Mega Man fandom's (and Capcom's) greatest officially licensed shame: The New Adventures of Mega Man comic book from Brazil.

Not Safe For Work, in case you were wondering, and not even really for anything from Jocelyn; the book is just that bad.

So there, now our greatest shame has been brought to a wider audience than ever, so we can all be embarrassed together. Yes, all of us; don't mind those suitcases I have by the door, those are there for entirely unrelated reasons, I assure you. I'm taking them to, uh, Goodwill! For charity! Yes, that's exactly it! (Whew.)

Supposing that you've come this far and hate yourself, well, there's more to discover about these comics over at The Mechanical Maniacs. And if you really hate yourself, then as you can see in the video, there are fan translations into English out there, but I encourage you to find help first.