Mighty Gunvolt Burst Version 1.1: More Than Just a Pretty Face

When Mighty Gunvolt Burst was announced, fans of the original Mighty Gunvolt were quick to notice that it was lacking one of the three stars who appeared in that original bonus game. But just as Inti Creates promised, Ekoro of Gal*Gun fame is now available for free to those who own the game on either Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Switch until August 9th, after which time she will become paid downloadable content for $1.99 USD.

But, this download doesn't just add a new face to the proceedings -- in fact, as ShadowRockZX explains in this video, Version 1.1 of Mighty Gunvolt Burst adds some "much needed improvements" to the game:

Among the highly sought-after requests Inti Creates has complied with are new visual cues when fighting bosses to let you know you're hitting them with a weapon they're weak to. What's more, all those custom weapon formations you've created are now easier than ever to swap between by way of the L and R buttons.

Finally, if you'd like to see more of Ekoro in action, ShadowRockZX has a 2+ hour playthrough that you can find right here.

Now to just sit back and hope even more familiar faces will show up. (Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, you can find my review of the game upon its initial release here.)