Infinite Marvel vs. Capcom News Items!

Hot off the heels of the San Diego Comic-Con, there's all kinds of news on the soon-upcoming release of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

At the show itself, there was a panel which was prefaced on the official Twitter by this neat little image of Xgard:

As tipster ReikoEXE points out, you can see a Bee Blader on the top-left, only now it's adorned with the visage of Ultron!

Numerous different sites were on hand to cover the panel, as well as a previous Marvel panel which showed the above trailer revealing the additions of Frank West, Gamora, Nemesis, and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Though their impressions may differ, the bulk of information is generally the same.

Some different locations were shown off, including Xgard, which describes as "a mix of Asgard and Abel City. We can see the bifrost bridge from Asgard, but it’s more of a highway, which is a call back to the highway level from Mega Man X. When you play story mode, we were told, you’ll see this location a lot. It’s where it all begins."

On the story front, it's Ultron and Sigma's shared hatred for humanity which has brought them together, leading to their gathering of the Space and Reality Infinity Stones to set things in motion by fusing two universes and start turning the mortals within into robots. You'd think Sigma would have learned by now, but since things are going well for them and Ultron Sigma has pretty much already won at the start, what do I know?

Another destination is Knowmoon, a fusion of Strider's Third Moon and Knowhere from Guardians of the Galaxy, and is the place where the heroes run afoul of Zero. Unfortunately, as we've seen previously, Zero's not playing for the good guys, and has taken on the name "Oblivion" to make that abundantly clear. According to one of the heroes (who differs by site), it seems that the Grandmaster from Strider is able to rewrite a Reploid's core routines (and no nitpicking about how Zero "isn't a Reploid").

A GameStop-exclusive comic explaining how another scenario, a fusion of Marvel's Wakanda and Capcom's Val Habar from Monster Hunter, came to be. It will be written by Marc Sumerac and drawn by Mike Bowden, and even include variant covers. There is no mention that I've seen of whether this is another pre-order bonus, or will be sold in their stores (with variant covers, hopefully the latter).

Speaking of variant covers for comic books, Marvel seems to really be throwing their weight behind this thing by offering a bevy of alternate covers on their monthly titles in order to promote the game. I can't seem to find anywhere that has all the covers in one place, so here are the three Mega Man X-related ones I've seen. The first two come from Pumpkaboosoup via Razorsaw on Tumblr, and the last one straight from Pumpkaboosoup.

Pumpkaboosoup also has some concept art snapshots from the panel, if you're interested.

Another item that almost got lost in the flurry of things happening over the last two months is that I found out from the Allspark that Hasbro revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo that they will be doing a line of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite figure two-packs slated to arrive on store shelves in "late August or September."

The figures themselves are at the 3.75 inch scale, reports Marvel Toy News, who note that the Iron Man is a repaint of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Iron Man Mk. III figure, and that X will be "super articulated" with "everything" collectors would expect from that. In addition, Toy Ark reports that the two-pack will cost $19.99 USD.

Even though the figures and game are set to be released next month, we don't know the full extent of the line, or if Iron Man and Mega Man X are all there will be. What we do know is that it's unfortunately going to be a Target exclusive -- which really sucks if you're like me and sitting up here in Canada where Target bombed harder than DLN-006.

Finally, it's not strictly Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite related, but since we already talked about Zero running amuck in Striderville, it seems only fitting to wrap up on a recent "Death Battle X" featuring the two going at it. There's nothing really unsafe for work here, so enjoy!