GMOTM Interviews the One Man to Play Mega Man Legends 3

Today marks six years since the dreaded day that the axe fell and Mega Man Legends 3 for the Nintendo 3DS was cancelled. In the time since, 100,000 Strong for Mega Man Legends 3, more simply known as Get Me Off The Moon (or GMOTM for short) has emerged first as a movement for the game's revival, and has persisted as a community dedicated to this segment of the franchise.

To mark their sixth anniversary, GMOTM has posted an interview with my friend, colleague, and fellow former Nintendo Power writer Chris Hoffman, who to this day remains the one and only known western gaming journalist to have had the chance to sit down and play the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype Version that was meant to be distributed as one of the first titles available to purchase in the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It's a good, beefy (in some cases, literally) interview which manages to touch on some things we hadn't heard about prior to this.

Here's a couple of snippets for you:

What is the relationship between Roll and Barrett (such as how they interact and call each other)? 
CH: Very enigmatic and somewhat contradictory. At first, she's sort of an adversary, as she built the Anti-Rider Crusader for the police to put the Rebel Riders in their place. However, you then end up helping her gather refractors to help power the rocket. It's clear that Barrett knows her somehow, but specifically how is a mystery; Roll doesn't seem to know Barrett, but says he "seems like family."
What do you know about Barrett's reasons for helping the Bonnes and Casketts rescue Mega Man? Anything in the game that detailed his motivations?
CH: The Bright Bats, and especially Barrett, saw themselves as a force of good in the city. Roll requested help and Barrett was there to heed the call. I don't think there was anything more detailed than that, other than the mysterious connection that was alluded to. I can't recall why he helped find Tron's Servebots in the "Yes, Miss Tron" mission, but probably for the same reason.

In addition, Hoffman also answers some questions about a few things not related to the demo, and you can find it all by clicking right here.

Thanks to Skybane Zero for sending this my way! And I'd say "happy anniversary" to GMOTM, but somehow that just seems kind of weird, given the circumstances under which it was formed, so I'll just say "congratulations on six years!"