Rockman Unity Posts In-Hand Pics of Giga Armor Rockman X

As we slowly but surely approach the late October release date of the inaugural figure from Bandai's new Rockman X "Giga Armor Series" line, we're finding out a little bit more information here and there. This time, the latest comes from Rockman Unity and Ucchy-san.

Several new images are available on the blog, but I wanted to highlight the way the X-Buster works for this release. Last we heard, there was a way to do it without replacing parts, as pretty much every figure with an interchangeable Buster/hand part has used to date. Now we can see exactly how it works:

As you can see in the images above, the forearm splits open, allowing the hand and barrel to rotate on a swivel so that they can switch positions before the armor is securely fastened back into place. It's a neat little trick, and should mean one less part to keep track of. Plus, it appears to work for both arms!

Other details from the post include that Bandai's Akira Terano has been working to make the Giga Armor a reality since 2014, and is being made in cooperation with those responsible for Rockman X MegaMission back in the 90's.

And for those who think X's new look bears a resemblance to Gundam, that's no coincidence -- Kaneda Ebikawa, mechanic designer for Mobile Suit Gundam OO and Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blood Orphans, is participating in the design.

Another interesting facet of the design is also revealed. We saw before that a new version of Rush, (either "Rush Yakuto" or "Rush Jagt," as both are used) was integrated into the design of X's new "ADU-R 381 B cabarette" Ride Chaser, but that's not all:

Say hello to the new Beat, who forms the front of the cycle and a shield-like piece of X's new GBF (Giga Beat Flugel) armor.

You can check out the blog post for yourself here, or the Google Translate version here, while the official page for the Giga Armor X figure can be found here.