The Mega Man X PC Pack-In Controller: Is It Any Good?

Over the last year and a half or so, TheNM22 has pulled back the curtain on a number of Mega Man releases that many Blue Bomber fans have never experienced. Specifically, the range of titles released for the personal computer back in the early to mid-90s.

He's examined the differences the PC versions of Mega Man Legends and Mega Man X3 have versus their home console counterparts (along with checking out Street Fighter X Mega Man), suffered through the Hi-Tech Expressions versions of Mega Man and Mega Man 3, and compared the Super Nintendo Entertainment System release of Mega Man X to its later PC port -- twice.

But in dealing with that last one, he neglected to cover a small piece of ephemera that is almost inextricably tied to the game. If you saw the game featured in a magazine ad or sitting on a store shelf, you knew that there was more than just a game in there, but a controller, too: The PC Fighter 6.

If you've ever been curious whether the controller was worth the effort to use, or if you'd just be better off mashing away at your keyboard, check out TheNM22's new Not Safe For Work video:

Incidentally, I believe I still have mine kicking around here somewhere. As exciting as the prospect of getting a PC version of Mega Man X and a controller I could theoretically use for other games was, I never wound up using it very much at all. I don't remember it being due to a quality issue, per se, but that I don't remember ever getting the blasted thing to work. Perhaps that speaks for itself?

How about you? Did any of you get this controller? Were you able to use it effectively? Do you consider it a part of your Mega Man collection? Share your thoughts in the comments below!