First 4 Figures Zero Lives Once Again

Yesterday, we had news that the Zero statue from First 4 Figures had been cancelled, with a statement having been sent to those who had pre-ordered. But apparently, that notification had been sent in haste, as only hours later, Alex Davis of First 4 Figures had this to say on the First 4 Figures Official Collectors Club (a closed Facebook group):

5) MM - discussed about Zero and got all clear to relaunch Zero! Massive shout out to the F4F MM Community who tirelessly pushed for this! Truly inspirational <3! No doubt in my mind that Zero would have been vaulted without you. Now it comes down to it - the ball was in my court, now it's back in yours - Zero will be relaunched and really hope that we get enough orders to go into production! #savef4fzero! If there is a fairy book ending to Zero, then that opens the door to more MM statues in the future! And I promise you this, my lovely MM F4F community - any future MM statues will truly be a collaborative experience - I would tirelessly work with you on all aspects of the designs to make sure that your feedback is heard and we can create perfect future MM products! GOOD LUCK Zero!

So there you have it: Zero's fat has been pulled out of the fryer, though he's still not a sure thing yet, as there will still need to be enough pre-orders for them to put it into production.

For more information about what your various options for that are and what the statue entails (including two versions, one light-up and one not), check out my original post from back in November 2015.

Thanks to Nick Enquist for passing this along!