An In-Depth Analysis of Mighty Gunvolt Burst Footage

It's been a week since Mighty Gunvolt Burst was officially unveiled at Japan's BitSummit event, and many eyes have been on Inti Creates' newest platforming action title that will be hitting the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS next month. But perhaps no eyes have been closer than those of ShadowRockZX.

On his YouTube Channel, ShadowRockZX has been scrutinizing just about every scrap of footage and image that comes out related to the game, and his most recent video not only looks into the trailer from BitSummit, but also a longer sequence of Japanese gameplay footage featuring Beck that was streamed on Twitch, providing translations for much of the text shown.

He also has some "conspiracy theories" related to the absence of anything to do with the portable Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita versions of Mighty No. 9, positing that maybe this title is taking its place. I don't know if I quite buy into that, if only because I seem to recall a company that wasn't Inti Creates had porting duties (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), but it's an interesting prospect nonetheless.

With that, I put forth the question to those who either backed with those platforms selected for their copies of the game: While I know it doesn't help the PlayStation Vita backers, would you be willing to take this instead of an actual portable copy of Mighty No. 9 if it was offered? Again, I'm skeptical it would come to that for various reasons, but this is just for my own curiosity.

That aside, what do you think of ShadowRockZX's scrutiny of the footage? Does it make you more interested in the game than before? Less? About the same? Share that or any other thoughts you've got in the comments below, and let's have ourselves a good old-fashioned discussion about it!