USgamer Dishes More Dirt on Mighty Gunvolt Burst

At the BitSummit event in Japan this past weekend, Inti Creates made the proud announcement of two new upcoming releases: Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack for the Nintendo Switch, and Mighty Gunvolt Burst for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Beyond the announcements, Jeremy Parish was there for USgamer to talk to them about the two titles and get a little more information about each.

First, for those wondering about the prospect of getting a physical copy of the Switch release of Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack, Inti Creates Chief Executive Officer Takuya Aizu was unable to guarantee anything beyond digital for a release in North America or Europe. " We're looking to work with different publishers to get a physical release for America and Europe, but at the moment nothing is set," he explained.

Fortunately, since the Nintendo Switch is not region locked, Inti Creates is making the most of it by including multiple language options. That way, if you really need a physical copy, you can import one from Japan and have it work just as needed.

The meat of the article, however, focuses on next month's release of Mighty Gunvolt Burst. There is confirmation that all eight bosses from Mighty No. 9 will be present, and while Ekoro from Gal*Gun won't be there at launch, she will be along shortly thereafter -- and she's only the first of many more to come.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, the Burst Combo System yields different effects as you build it up further. They note that it's similar to how Beck's dash-kill mechanic worked in Mighty No. 9, but is "not quite the same," thanks to the direction of Kinshi Ikegami, who worked on Comcept's Kickstarter title.

"You can draw some similarities between the mechanics of Mighty No. 9 and the Burst system if you like," notes Aizu, "...but this game is being produced entirely by us. While the similarities may be there, it's a completely different experience."

Parish backs up the assessment from his own time playing the game:

Most importantly, though, Mighty Gunvolt feels great to play. The two characters demand completely different play styles, and the one Mighty No. 9 boss I saw worked brilliantly in proper 2D. The action is zippy and responsive, and the Burst system doesn't suffer from the same sense of sometimes-tedious obligation that Beck's dash attack did in Mighty No. 9. Rather, it feels empowering.

Aizu reaffirms the press release's declaration of love that Inti Creates has for the Mighty No. 9 characters, as well as noting that there was no input from Comcept of Keiji Inafune himselfthis time, leaving the company to do what it does best. "Basically, we said, 'We want to use these characters,' and they said, 'Go ahead!'"

For more from Aizu and about the games, be sure to read the full article over on USgamer, where they also confirm that the Nintendo 3DS release of Mighty Gunvolt Burst is indeed two weeks after the Nintendo Switch release.