...Or You Can Just Watch All of Red Ash -Gearworld- Right Here

So earlier, I said "hey, here's where you can watch a clip of Red Ash -Gearworld-! But hurry, it won't be around for long!"

And then in the comments, Triatleta Sensual said (paraphrased) "or you can just watch the whole thing right here." (Which isn't actually right here, because it doesn't embed. Apologies if you took the headline literally.)

That's when I was like:

So yeah, that was a fun little adventure, wasn't it? Eheh. Right.

Anyway, feel free to watch and leave your thoughts in the comments down below. And also feel free to go back and read the article earlier if you haven't already, since I transcribed what it's all about and included all sorts of terrible captions for the many screencaps I took. Because it's been one of those kinds of days.

Also, be sure to tip Triatleta Sensual as thanks for the tip!

Edit: Okay, thanks to Gary Peters, I can now embed it here as well! Thanks, Gary!