Check Out This Footage of Red Ash -Gearworld- from Anime Tamago 2017

"'Gearworld'? I thought it was 'Magicicada'?"

For those wondering about that little detail after the confusion from before, it seems that the Gearworld name is for the version of the anime used at Anime Tamago 2017, with Magicicada being reserved for the final product. At least, as near as I can tell.

"I told you she couldn't do a handstand, Tyger! Now cough up the 5,000 Zenny!"

"I told you she couldn't do a handstand, Tyger! Now cough up the 5,000 Zenny!"

In any case, NHK World's imagine-nation program recently had a whole episode about the aforementioned Anime Tamago animators project in Japan, and Red Ash -Gearworld- had a significant part of it, which of course included some clips.

Unfortunately, because every single video player/editor I've tried seems to hate my guts and just not work for some reason or another (if I say anything more right now, I swear I'll lose my mind and destroy my blood pressure), I have not been able to isolate those clips so that you can see them here. Instead, you'll have to go to NHK's Video On Demand page (15:56) to see it -- along with some behind-the-scenes stuff -- for yourself. But you'll have to hurry, as the episode will only be available until May 23rd (hence my desire to provide a clip here).

If nothing else, I can transcribe what the narration says about Red Ash -Gearworld- for posterity. And what the hell, have some screen caps to go with it, if for no other reason than pure spite towards video formats at this point.

"This is the city: Not-Neo Arcadia. I work here. I carry a badge."

The story is set in a futuristic society in which mankind is divided into two races. One, known as the "pure" race, are for normal humans.


The other, known as the "nano" race, are for people who have nanomachines embedded in their genes, giving them various special abilities such as emitting flames from their bodies, or becoming invisible.
"We're sorry! No more  Portal  jokes, we promise!"

"We're sorry! No more Portal jokes, we promise!"

The people of the nano race are tightly controlled, to keep any reckless use of such abilities in check.

"There's how much owed on that other Kickstarter? Man, I'm so glad I moved to another universe..."

The story revolves around the protagonist, Beck, a nano race boy with special abilities.

"One-two-three times to the six! Jonesin' for your fix of the Limp Bizkit mix!"

To earn money to pay for the operation to remove the nanomachine from his body and become a member of the pure race, Beck and his mate, Tyger, work as treasure hunters seeking precious objects in other worlds.

"Hi, 14 Years Old! I'm Beck! So why do they call you that, anyway? Seems weird."

One day, a mysterious girl pursued by two men suddenly appears in Beck and Tyger's car.


Call asks Beck and Tyger to let her join their team, but Beck refuses.
"Man, she's not even looking at my People's Eyebrow, so what's the point?"

"Man, she's not even looking at my People's Eyebrow, so what's the point?"

But Tyger senses something in Call's manner and agrees to take her along.

"Is that an alien craft? No worries, I've got my iMac right -- wait, where'd it go? Aw, scrap."

Now a trio, Beck and his crew embark on a treasure-hunting journey in search of treasures buried in another world.

"Come on — ride on THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS!"

What awaits Beck and his mates at their destination?

And just one other screen because I really like it and it fits my mood right now:

I was going to write an original article here today, but it can wait until tomorrow.

Thanks to Nz17 for the tip!