Red Ash Wednesday - Voice, Music, & Reward Updates

Answering the Call.

Studio4℃ has posted another update to those who backed the Red Ash -Magicicada- project on Kickstarter.

Last time, they were seeking backers' input for voice actors they should look into for the voices of Call and Tyger. Now, the results are in!

Garnering the most votes to land the role of Call is Asami Seto, whose previous credits include Chihayafuru, Kuromukuro, Bungo Stray Dogs, Baby Steps, Death Parade, Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, TARI TARI, Aikatsu!, Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, and others. (Don't recognize any of those? Don't worry, you're not alone.)

"Her voice fits perfectly to the creative team’s image of Call," the Red Ash team says in their update. "We really appreciate the great choice!"

Unfortunately, things didn't run quite so smoothly for Tyger. "On the contrary to Call," they said, "the team couldn’t find the right voice for Tyger among the names we received." Considering the character is somewhat reminiscent of one Tiesel Bonne, it's easy to imagine why this could be a problem.

That isn't to say they don't have someone picked out, however. "After deep deliberation, we decided –- as the decision of the creative team –- to go with the voice cast of Tyger, Rikumi Moriwaki, whom we had chosen for 'animetamago'.” doesn't turn up any credits for Moriwaki, though it does link to this page with what might be a sampling of what his voice sounds like. It also lists (by way of Google Translate) some voice over work he has done for the NTV series "True news bunka!" and EX series "Discovered in the village of the world! Japanese in such place."

The team apologizes for not being able to reflect the results of the vote, but hope that fans will appreciate their choice nonetheless, as "it’s very much TYGER!"

On the music front, a solo artist by the name of Koji "Nakako" Nakamura (who was once part of the band SUPERCAR from 1995 to 2005) will be contributing to the soundtrack for Red Ash -Magicicada-. Previously, Love Like Aliens director Rashad Haughton was to compose the main theme and collaborate on tie-up music, but a conflict in his schedule has prevented him from doing so.

Finally, they've closed requests from $94+ tier backers for t-shirt sizes and a name for the end credits as of April 30th. That said, if you qualify for this tier and have not done so already, you need to send them your name, shipping address, and phone number at so they can ship the reward. Be sure to give them the correct information, because if there's a mistake, you'll have to cover the cost to reship!

That's all for now, but whatever else comes up, you can check back here for the latest.