The Weekend Watch

It's the weekend, and you've spent a long, hard week playing Mega Man (or so the premise behind this whole bit goes). So it's time to kick off your shoes, grab a drink, and watch someone else play Mega Man for a change.

For starters, Lucas "Call Me Zero, Just Don't Call Me A Zero" Gilbertson has returned after a not-insignificant hiatus from playing Mega Man X8 and testing the limits of his liver while donning various cosplay props. Now that he's back, can he manage to get through the trials that await him in Burn Rooster's stage while wearing X's helmet backwards and imbibing 360 ounces of Kentucky Bourbon*?

No. No he can't. But it's kind of fun to watch him try. Just know that it is, of course, Not Safe For Work:

Also, The Mega Man Network would like to send its condolences to Mr. Gilbertson's lamp. It was a good lamp, from what we understand.

Elsewhere on the web, Mike Matei and Ryan Schott of Cinemassacre sit down with the original Mega Man and play it through from start to finish while defending it as being "not as bad" as a lot of people say. Of note is that one aspect people seem to be enjoying about these videos as of late is Ryan's notes of why certain things are the way they are due to technical and hardware limitations.

It's Not Safe For Work, of course. And be sure to watch to the end for the surprising twist!

Next up is another from the Cinemassacre crew that I apparently meant to post over a year ago when it came out, but lost track of until I recently cleaned my Inbox.

Here, James "Angry Video Game Nerd" Rolfe and Mike play the fan game homebrew/hack "Mega Man Ultra." And like the rest, it's Not Safe For Work.

Finally, if you want something that is Safe For Work and has no talking over it, Auto sent me this gameplay video bof a hack called "Rockman 2: Basic Master," which came out a couple of months ago (link is in the video's description). It's a pretty heavy remix and reworking of Mega Man 2/Rockman 2 which incorporates a lot of music from other titles, including Mega Man X games and even Mighty No. 9, to say nothing of all-new weapons and challenges.

And that's everything for now. I'll be back tomorrow (pending something wrecking my plans, as usual) with a few juicy tidbits of news for you.