UDON Announces Shovel Knight: Official Design Works

If you love Mega Man-esque games and you love art books, then good news! UDON Entertainment, publisher of the localized versions of pretty much every Rockman art book since R20 (and many others), has announced that the Shovel Knight: Official Design Works art book will be coming your way later this year!

UDON and Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games have worked together closely to ensure that this is the definitive art book that fans of the Ace of Spades deserve. "Within its pages," says the press release, "you’ll find character art, developer commentary, rough illustrations and concept art, background development images, comprehensive sprite sheets, full-page promotional illustrations, and more – including an exclusive interview with the game’s development team!"

“After more than a year of work, it’s finally complete! We here at Yacht Club Games are proud and delighted to realize one of our dreams – a Shovel Knight art book produced by UDON!” said Yacht Club Games. “We genuinely hope you enjoy the never-before-seen concepts and anecdotes detailed within!”

For those wondering, the book goes beyond the original game, also featuring content from Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows, the popular downloadable content expansion which puts players into the cloak of the daffy masked Plague Knight.

Weighing in at 184 pages, the full color softcover book will be available for $39.99 USD this August at finer comic, book, and online retailers everywhere.