Noiseless Chatter's Mega Man Retrospective

A little while back, a gent named Phillip J. Reed of the media website Noiseless Chatter contacted me with interest in using screenshots from our "A Critical Look at Mega Man Stages" series for an in-depth series about the games in question. After getting the okay from Glass Knuckle, I passed word along, and Reed got back to me with links to his first two articles.

The "Fight, Megaman!" articles extol the virtues of the series to an audience which may not be as intimately familiar with the franchise as we are, but provide an entertaining read nonetheless with a mix of reminiscence and observations -- including some things you may have noticed, but never really stopped to think about.

The first two articles that are up now are, of course, written about Mega Man and Mega Man 2, but more are still to come. In particular, Reed is interested in getting to the games which are less-celebrated, as he still has positive things to say about those entries in spite of development turnaround treating them as almost "disposable" commodities.