3D Remake Gives Some Idea of What Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X6 Might Have Been Like

Sad as it is to say, Mega Man X and 3D don't seem to have gotten along so well. Mega Man X7's 3D gameplay went over like a lead balloon, and while Mega Man X8 tried to dial it back to primarily just 3D visuals with 2D-styled gameplay, it remains to this day as the last entry in the series.

The final casualty of these two coming together was Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X. A good if not exceptional remake of the original Mega Man X which used 3D graphics and 2D gameplay, the hope was for a full remake of the series -- perhaps one that could even throw some spackle over the dents and divots found in the originals. Alas, it never managed to get that far.

With that said, at least we now have some idea of what a hypothetical "Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X6" would have looked like, thanks to a video created by X MaverickHunter that depicts Falcon Armor X fighting High Max in Infinity Mijinion's stage (complete with the corpse of Illumina looking on in the background):

For comparison, here's the footage running alongside the battle from the original PlayStation game:

As nice as this is, though, you should probably temper expectations on a full remake happening any time soon. These three minutes took X MaverickHunter about half a year to do, and at the moment, he seems to be flying solo for the most part.

If that's not enough for you, X MaverickHunter has an older clip from last year which just teases a little bit of Storm Owl's stage from Mega Man X4 in the same manner:

Thanks to GeminiSparkSP for the tip!